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by Rhonda Edwards

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No environmental mishap is too great for Laurel and Delphinus as they work with scientists and mythical entities! Meet this unique duo representing environmentalist groups worldwide as they take on their first rescue, the endangered Florida coral reefs.

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From Laurel and Delphinus Save the Florida Coral Reefs...

   There was no better place to grow up then the ocean, at least according to Laurel. Having lived on the coast all of her 18 years, she knew the ever-changing moods of the ocean: the hint of electrical charge in the air before a rainstorm, and the renewing qualities brought on by a calming day of being kissed by the sun. Laurel’s first impression of the beach had been as she lay cradled in the arms of her grandmother, followed by weekly visits in which her mother further acquainted her with the ocean. As she grew older, long golden days of salt water, sunshine, and long walks collecting sea treasures added to her memories.
   Unaware of where her love for the ocean was about to take her, Laurel planned to enjoy her summer break at Pawleys Island.

Book 2 - Pirates at Pawleys

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