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Going Home - Book 1
by Chaya Benady


Rivka Weinstein’s cynical, unreligious life in Baltimore crashes when a letter  arrives that holds the key to unlocking her heart. The daughter stolen from her nineteen years prior wants to meet her. Leah’s return and Rivka’s blooming romance with Yosef Goldstein entwine her with love, faith and Israel. 

From Leah's Return...

   The doorbell rang, as if cued by a lover she once knew and loved, the Sabbath. She reached for the knob with frustration and opened the threshold to face a visitor whom she assumed would be her cousin.
   “I told you it was open—” Stunned, she lost her voice.
   “You dropped this.”
   The stranger, holding a gold charm bracelet, regarded her beauty more critically, assisted by a brighter light overhead. He noted the fullness of her deep pink, heart-shaped lips, her flawless Mediterranean complexion void of cosmetics and the way her reckless tresses stuck to her lovely face.
   “You, um…” Faltering, she wiped several wet locks from her forehead. “You’re not the pizza man.”
   He was intimidating by appearance alone; however more was his air, a demeanor of a crowned prince. Tall yet not too much, striking in appearance but not without blemish, his whiskey colored eyes triumphed over his stature with a slight twinkle. This man was the well-dressed stranger from the street and he wore a yarmulke.

Book 2 - Living in a Book

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