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by Catherine B. Roy

~ Available in Paperback ~

LIVE FROM YOUR HEART AND MIND (LHM) is a completely dynamic new way of increasing emotional and intellectual capacity. Achieving a balanced, happy and successful life is the main goal of this revolutionary system based on verified formulas and algorithms for emotional development and IQ training for intellectual development.

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More About Live From Your Heart and Mind...

   LIVE FROM YOUR HEART AND MIND (LHM) covers the most important aspects of life including balance, happiness, love, relationships, emotional stability, overcoming obstacles and solving personal problems. LHM algorithms are created as a personal guide. There are no two same persons and there will be no same solution; but LHM provides solutions for everyone! With LHM formulas and algorithms, the reader will increase emotional capacity.
   Intellectual capacity increases with associative memory. Persons develop better long-term memory and cogitate facts faster. IQ training questions increase brain capacity by changing the way we think. This helps greatly with facts learned to never be forgotten. Personal growth, development and self-improvement, this is what Live from Your Heart and Mind facilitates and provides!

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