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The Strange Life of William Jameson
by John H. Manhold



From the Oregon Trail to  England and New Orleans, William lives a very strange life...  including time spent in Cheyenne captivity, falling for a Creole  paramour, entering the Civil War and living through the Reconstruction Era.


From LOBO...

   The captain watched the pirate colors hoisted and shouted to the first mate, who was the acting gun captain.
   “Prepare to fire, Mr. Finian.”
   The gun ports were opened simultaneously, the cannon muzzles were extended, and the two port side cannons fired on command, all within seconds. With a thunderous roar and billowing smoke, the corsair’s deck was raked with grapeshot.
   The results were gratifying. Half of the exposed bodies on the ship’s deck disappeared. The privateer was too close and unprepared to respond with its cannon, so it could do nothing but continue on course to crash into the port side of the Dunbrody.
   Grappling hooks came flying through the air to hold the two ships together, and the privateers began to swing aboard. William realized immediately that the Dunbrody crew was well trained. Each man took his time and drew down on a specific individual before firing. Again, a large number of pirates fell.

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