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To Make You Laugh Out Loud
by Shane Ward


Laughing Out Loud (LOL) is a common need and LOL Poems is a great resource for laughing. Aimed essentially at teenagers and upward, there is very little bad language and many poems are child-friendly.

From LOL Poems...


Offensive to the nose it is.
The pallor of B.O.
A stench of nasty ripening pores
That makes you want to go…

…Almost anywhere beyond this place
To stay here would be wrong.
And what’s the retching, putrefied
Olfactory honking pong?


It only takes one smelly pit
To make your lunchtime funky
A condiment you’d do without
Eye watering pits with chunky chips

Is it too much to ask, Is it
Not reasonable, I rant,
To raise your hand above you arm
And spray deodorant?    (continues)

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