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by Vince Nolan

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Ramses El Djinn is a genie who falls in love with his master. But when he tells his bride what he is, he’s surprised to find out that she’s a witch. Neither of their fathers is happy with this mixed marriage. Can their love survive? Can wishes make things better…or worse?



From Love Happens...

   “Don’t you see?” Kat began, “it symbolizes your duality, separate but joined, individual but dependent on each other. Witch but wife, genie but husband. The stars know your marriage better than you do.”
   “Give us a break,” Rebecca defended. “We’re new at this.”
   “I still think it’s romantic,” Kat pouted. “A love affair against all odds. Unfathomable forces at play. What awaits them? Who can know?”
   “Oh, for the love of—” Rebecca began and turned to Ramses. “I hate it when she drinks.”
   “You know alcohol only affects us if we let it,” Kat reminded her.
   “So stop letting it,” Rebecca replied.
   Kat shrugged and lifted her glass to her lips. Rebecca pointed and the top of the glass suddenly grew solid. Kat shook the glass upside down hard, to no avail. As she threw the glass in the air, it disappeared. “Be warned, Ram,” she said, “she likes to get her own way most of the time.”
   “What can I say?” Rebecca started, “being blessed with the powers of the universe does that to a girl. Now I wish you’d close your mouth.” Ramses involuntarily bowed his head and Kat’s mouth closed, then slowly disappeared. She grunted in a panic as Rebecca laughed. “That’s not what I wished.”

Book 2 - Love Happens Again

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