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Terrath - Book 3
by Alan J. Garner



Terrath’s rival spellcasters work their magic to conclude the First Race War.
But Good prevailing over Evil is far from being determined, as Fate and Destiny collide.



From Magic's Resolve...

   Tough to live a life without regrets, it’s even harder to die a death with them. Wizardly arrogance generally left them immune to misgivings, except during times of great stress. With so much left undone, Maldoch started regretting his many failures and conveniently skipped his many failings. He bemoaned letting Omelchor so often gain the upper hand in their eternal tussle; he lamented Parndolc’s stubborn rejection of sobriety; and he bewailed missing the opportunity to fathom Garrich’s unrealized potential. Most of all, he regretted being too busy as Terrath’s watchdog to take the time to smell the tulips – they, not roses, were his favorite flower.
   The acute shortage of air searing his lungs made Maldoch rethink the ideal of sacrificing himself for the cause of Good. Dying with dignity reeked of contradiction. There was nothing dignified about departing this life, giving up the ghost without fighting to breathe your last. In fact, the prospect of going to meet his maker did not faze him at all. His intellect welcomed the thought of eternal rest, to be finally done with battling badness. Yet his body rejected the sentence of death and resumed its futile struggles as Maldoch’s composure finally cracked.
   I’m too old to die! he screamed in the quiet recesses of his mind.

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