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by Dante & Sally Dattoli
with Chuck Kelly


Mark must avenge his father’s murder by the Mafia. He does so by using makeup to disguise himself differently for each kill.

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From Makeup...

   Marc got closer to Roz and pulled off his facemask. Roz’s eyes lit up when he saw Marc’s face. He twisted even harder to free himself because he knew the time had come. Roz reached out grasping with his fingers, desperately trying to fight back; but his energy and air supply were weak. He grabbed hold of Marc’s arm briefly in desperation, but it was too late. He felt his grip loosen and then he let go, succumbing to the elements and to his watery grave.  
   Marc reached for Roz’s throat and choked him, cutting off all hope for Roz of ever getting out of this alive. A few bubbles trickled up from Roz’s nose and open mouth. A long string of thick saliva floated out of his mouth upward in the murky water. Marc could see Roz’s eyes open wide with fear. Marc held onto Roz’s neck for a good minute before he finally let go.

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