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by Nancy S. Mure
Illustrations by Margot Miller

~ Available in Paperback ~

When a young boy’s father is not there to make their traditional Sunday treat of Italian meatballs, he takes on the  task himself.

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From Massimo's Meatballs...

   That didn’t stop Massimo from craving meatballs. Nice, brown, hot, tasty meatballs! He had decided to make them himself. He had watched his father many times. It should be easy.
   Massimo considered what he needed to begin. A pan! He searched the cabinets for the medium, round, black frying pan his father always used. He found a wok, bread pans, pans for cheesecake, cookie sheets and a colander, but no medium, round, black frying pan.
   “Mama mia!” Massimo muttered. “I’ll borrow one from Carmine.” Carmine was his best friend and lived in the next house.
   Massimo went next door and tapped three times on the door. Knock. Knock. Knock.
   “Hey, Carmine!” he called. “May I borrow a medium, round, black frying pan? I’m making meatballs.”

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