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Murder in Mayberry Revisited
All Hidden Things

by I.M. Tillerman

~ Available in Paperback ~

Deputy Jason, still in the middle of a trial separation from his wife, finds himself in the middle of a heinous crime. This time, however, a double murder plugnes him and Sheriff Taylor into investigation replete with red herrings and other surprises.

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From Murder in Mayberry Revisited...

I wondered just how in the hell I was going to tell Helen Crump that she had been viciously murdered a week earlier, lying spread-eagle across the bed in my room at the Mayberry Hotel, her throat slit from ear to ear, the blood collecting in twin pools on the chenille bedspread. This was no ghost staring politely at me, sitting at one of the side chairs of the Mayberry Courthouse, her two suitcases next to her. This was no spirit of Hamlet’s royal father, prowling the parapets of the castle Elsinore, seeking retribution for his own ghastly murder at his brother’s hand. This was the real Helen Crump, not the bogus schoolmarm who had gone by the name of Helen Jackson and who had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Still, the townspeople, provincial as they were, would never understand. “How can there be two Helens?” Floyd would quiz his patrons, one at a time, as they came to the “Best Clip Joint in Town” to have their ears lowered for one dollar – plus tip. “How do we explain this to the good citizens of Mayberry?” their fat, little Mayor Pike would ask, dumbfounded and agitated, at the emergency meeting of the Town Council. But most of all, how in God’s name would the High Sheriff himself, Andy Taylor, react to a second, dead ringer doppelganger of the lady whom he had loved so dearly and who had died so abruptly?

Book 3: Murder in Mayberry: Barney's Return

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