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2nd Edition
Meet...THE OddsMaker

by Ted Hasson
with Tim Black

~ Available in Paperback ~

What happens when a malicious executive, his duplicitous wife, and a nefarious pole-dancing paramour face off with Ted Hasson, a trusted financial facilitator in the insurance industry? A fast-paced, riveting exposé about what happens when you make enemies of the powerful with an agenda.

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From Meet the Odds Maker...

The trend didn’t feel right to Lay, and for good reason. A different kind of storm was brewing. Not from the surrounding Texas skies, but from selected cubicles within Enron’s own headquarters. A few number-savvy accountant types had begun to notice that the Enron math didn’t add up. Not quite sure of what they were finding, they determined to quietly trace the source of their consternation. Their discoveries would soon launch glares and whispers from Houston’s elite, and from neighbors, friends and strangers alike. Nameless shareholders would soon scowl at the sight of Ken Lay’s image on the six o’clock news.

Something was out of balance at Enron, and the world would soon shake from the vibration. The approaching turbulence was about to send a countrywide cloud of dust flying when Enron’s stock hit the floor. Hopes and dreams would melt into puddles of grief and despair. Planned retirements would vanish from view.

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