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by Trish Dozier


Take a categorical dive into the world of relationships between men and women.  From aggressor to actor, philosopher, narcissist, chick-guy and more,  this book covers the whole spectrum of  men!



From Men...

   So, how is a woman seeking a “normal” relationship able to find her way to or alongside a man in this wide, mad world? (Feel free to insert stable, healthy, or any word of your choosing into the above quotation marks... all the same at the end of the day.)
   For women that don’t enjoy being abused emotionally, physically, verbally or otherwise (with the exception of some knee burns or the like during a heated animalistic sex session); those who don’t crave over-the-top zealousness, be it sports, religion, sex, electronic or whatever related; as well as those that actually choose heterosexuality because they prefer a man versus a dude that has gotten way too in touch with his feminine side; or the kind of woman who is confronted with the guy that feels as if he is the center of the universe or that particular man-boy that just needs a mama, or…

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