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by Bobby R. Woodall


Ex-Union officer Dan Mercer struggles to overcome the atrocities of being a  POW while he tries to find a new way of life on the untamed Plains.


From Mercer's Manor...

   Click. Click.
   The noise seemed to shatter the ominous silence of the house. One could not mistake the sound as a warning for others to be aware of the danger.
   He paused long enough to quickly glance out a window. The wind wasn't blowing that hard. There was a gentle breeze, but not enough to make the shutters move. So he ruled out the wind. But a baby crying?
   Shaking his head, Mercer started down the hallway toward the bedrooms. There were three; one to his left and two to the right. The ones on the right were open, but the one on the opposite side was partially closed. He placed the muzzle of his gun against the door and pushed it farther open.

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