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Devotional Meditation Made Simple
by Michael David


"Michael’s Meditation" is a meditator’s manual; an easy, laid-back guide that has been developed by the author and one he uses in his daily meditations and in his Intro to Meditation classes.

From Michael's Meditation...

For most of you this will be your first time at learning how to meditate. For those of you who are more advanced in meditation, this will be an opportunity for you to be in a group meditative setting and thus maybe even reinforce your own discipline in meditation and on a more regular basis. This book and the following lessons will deal mainly with introducing you to meditation and the various techniques, language and meaning surrounding it. I will try to keep it simple.

Some of you will continue on to my Intermediate and Advanced Yoga Meditation (devotional) classes, while some of you will, no doubt, decide this is not really for you even if you had made the initial step to sign up for the intro to mediation class. That’s okay, you can only go and learn as fast as you can go and learn. I am only a catalyst and conduit of the teaching.

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