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by James S. Hoch

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Two pre-teen runaways team up with the school bully, only to learn that he has the coolest way for them to get away—a very fast machine that travels in space, dimensions and time.  Their adventures soon become entangled with a diabolical dictator who is obsessed with the power of time travel.

From Milford Spitz and the Very Fast Machine...

   “This is it?” asked Little Zoe May. “That’s your big ship?”
   “No it’s inside. I’m going to set you down and unlock the padlock,” he said and reached in his pocket and pulled out a set of keys. He walked toward the shed and unlocked the padlock. Milford and Little Zoe May exchanged looks. They were a bit surprised.
   Little Zoe May leaned over to Milford and pulled his ear towards her. As Bobby worked the lock, she whispered to Milford, “Do you really think he has a spaceship inside? The building isn’t very big. Maybe this is some stupid wild goose chase and he’s going to take us in there and laugh at us or something.”
   Bobby pushed the door open. He reached in his coat pocket and brought out a small flashlight.
   “Okay, let’s go,” he told them as he walked inside.




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