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by Ross Richdale


Madison Evans becomes a strange hybrid caught between two worlds when she’s stung by a mysterious, alien bee. 


From Mind Split...

   "I don't like this," Madison cried and without really thinking, stepped forward, moved the canvas flap aside and looked outside.
   Two men sat in front and above her. She was staring out between their legs at a line of beasts pulling a wagon. They were solid brown creatures with massive horns and steam snorting from their noses. The wagon was traveling along a dirt road and the grass at the ledge appeared white with frost.
   "Slow and steady," one man said. "Don't let the oxen stop or we'll sink down to our axles."
   "The newcomers are too heavy," the other man replied. "I told 'em that eight in a wagon was too many."
   "I'll get out if that'll help," Madison said without thinking.
   Both men swore and swung around. A man with a wild ginger beard and blue piercing eyes stared at her. He appeared almost terrified.
   "You're alive?" he stammered. "But that's impossible!"

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