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by Chuck Bordell

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The Four-Quarters are at war.  Their king has disappeared.  Banned sorcery emerges once again, and horrible  creatures walk the land.  In the capitol of Tygos, alliances fall apart while the city burns.  What can young Kyla and her grim knight do to survive in the chaotic whirlwind surrounding them?

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From The Ministry of Wolves...

   Kyla realized she held her breath. Slowly, she let it out while stepping lightly forward along the crescent bank to look at the man’s face, mainly concealed in the tangle and beneath his matted brown hair.
   I should just go on. He’s dead. He must be. But if he wasn’t, he might wake up and climb the bank and find the house. She sighed and inched down the bank. Moving along the gurgling edge, she worked around the man’s left side. Her hand grasped the knife at her belt as she bent forward for a better view. He breathed, barely; she saw his chest expand and relax ever so slightly as she got close. Then she saw his face and stood bolt upright. It was him! The man who had frightened her into the river the day before.
   She stood there, her heart racing. What should she do? She felt frightened of him, although she knew that he couldn’t harm her in his present condition. And he didn’t look like an evil man, not like those other soldiers, the ones in black. But she had no time to deal with this now. Not now. What should she do?

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