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The Celtic Connection
Book 1
by Armen Pogharian

~ Available in Paperback ~

Eighth-grader Penny Preston discovers that she exists in more than three dimensions; she is misaligned. When she learns that she is also the key to preventing higher-dimensional beings from entering our universe, she works with her best friend and her multi-dimensional cat to protect the universe and uncover her connection to Celtic legend.

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From Misaligned...

   “You will make powerful enemies if you continue,” the Apprentice replied.
   “Perhaps, but I still have you and the others sympathetic to my cause. They may not like my science, but they will defend my right to continue it. I corrected our error, but the correction introduces other… possibilities. Would you please crosscheck it while I contact the others?” asked the Master.
   “Of course,” replied the Apprentice as he accepted the Master’s thoughts. The solution would indeed create a stable window into the lower universes. The Apprentice saw the anomaly the Master mentioned, and he recognized what the Master missed. With just a few adjustments, the window could be converted into a portal between the universes. He decided to seize his opportunity.
   “Have you completed your analysis?” asked the Master.
   “Yes, Master. It is a most brilliant solution. You are indeed worthy of your title,” replied the Apprentice.

Book 2 - Misaligned: The Silver Scepter

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