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A Novel

by A. Montante

From Eden to the underworld, can a fallen tribe of humans find their way back to where they truly belong? Of course, their journey is fraught with obstacles: Sheol’s humanoid hybrids, evil spirits, titans, magic, and prophecy. Using mystical gems, Moshe leads his clan through those challenges with humility, grace, bravery, and finally… to love.

From Moshe...

  Surface dwellers are so helpless, so fragile, he thought. After touching the dead woman’s soft skin, and seeing how uncoordinated the children were, he couldn’t help but believe that surface dwellers were innately inferior. Then he wondered if they could at least mind-speak. Can they hear me? he wondered. The warrior opened his mind to communicate with the children, as he would normally do with any of his own people. But he got nothing in return. As my teachers described, humans do not mind-project thoughts. He scanned the dead female’s corpse again. And their hides are so smooth, and easily damaged. How could they have ever survived? How long can they survive the underworld?
  A soft ticking noise caught the warrior’s attention. He looked toward the sound. “Sheol,” he hissed in irritation. Another threat, albeit an annoying one, was approaching the scene. The tiny creatures, attracted by the woman’s blood, were finding their way along all surfaces and would soon be upon her corpse. Possibly they would be near enough, and frenzied enough, to attack the little ones as well.
  “Striggitzz! Sheol.” He had to do something quickly, otherwise the tiny insects would eventually find and attack the children.

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