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by J.E. de Sousa


A profound and moving account of one man's struggle to find out who he is - and who he was - when he hears of the death of his mother.

From A Mother's Son...

   It seems the older I get, the more I forget... and the more I remember.
   All the images of the past come back in vivid detail, nuances of sight and sound as vivid as the days I lived them. All the useless bookends of life – the inconsequential minutiae of a day's work on the job, disputes in the news, the pointless antics of celebrities and politicians and other people who've never recognized when to shut up, and the endless parade of a thousand other daily events – fade away in the memory of Ma. I look in the mirror and I see a part of her in me. I look at my family and I see her there, too.
   It was a long time since the whole family had been reunited in this stark context. But I found that once we were assembled, all the old rivalries, hatreds, and resentments had melted away. The medicine of time had removed the toxins that slowly crept into our systems as we grew older... yet not wiser. I looked at my brother and sisters as loving reminders of a life lived well - Ma's life.

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