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by Jerry W. Lennon


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From Murder Glass...

   “I thought to myself, what was I supposed to see with a glass blocking my view? I tried looking at him through the glass to see what sort of reaction Richard was looking for. I noticed his silhouette was refracted and colors around him seemed to swirl. Or was this just the light distorted by the glass?”
   “Light seemed to come from the glass, but there was no light source in the room that was bright enough to produce the intense hues I thought I saw. Richard did not give me time to answer. He simply laid the glass on the table and said to watch it. I tried to think of a diplomatic excuse to bail out because I thought Richard was about to put on a magic show. I wondered how drunk was he that he did not realize that he looked or acted like he had just escaped from a mental home? I thought should I humor him? Before I could answer my own question, I heard Richard say, ‘If the glass travels up and down, the answer is ‘yes.’ If the glass moves left to right, the answer is ‘no.’ Now the question. Is there a murder being committed?’

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