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by Sharon Kull


She's in computer repair; he's a toy manufacturer. They are both in over their heads when his ex-wife steals a unique robotic rat out of his office and asks them to pay the ransom to
get it back.

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From My Robot Brain...

   The door swung open to reveal an office that could pass for a toy store. Shelves were well stocked. Additionally, there was a centrally located desk that was very cluttered, and a small companion table on which was the computer she had probably been called to fix. She started toward it. A boomerang effect resulted when he reached out and pinched a grip on a bit of her blouse collar that was showing from beneath her swept-aside hair. When the repair woman swung around to face him, he declared, “I’m Taggert Lewis.” “Oh boy,” Tag groaned, trying to take a step backwards. That effort failed because he was hanging onto her collar. He stared at her suddenly befuddled expression.
   Inhaling deeply, she said, “My name is... Louise Taggert.”
   Taggert felt like the walls were rapidly closing in on him. He had to rest both of his forearms on her shoulders and use her for a prop to keep himself from sprawling face first onto the floor. “My nickname is Tag. Or it was when I was a kid,” he squeaked.
   “Mine, too. Only it still is.” Groaning again, tilting forward, she rested her forehead against his chest, and became instantly aware that it was more than likely a mistake. Uh, oh! Why am I leaning on him? she silently asked herself.
   Ah... how nice! he thought. Then Taggert crooned on a whisper of breath, “To me, you’re... Louie. I hope that you realize we’re eventually going to have an affair.”
   Louise slowly raised her head so that she could lock eye contact with Taggert Lewis, and murmured, “I don’t believe in casual intimate relationships.”
   “Me, either,” he mumbled huskily. 

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