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Warders - Book 4

by Armen Pogharian


The Mistress of Death resurrects the Necrotic Knight to claim the hammer of the underworld and free the Necromancer. The Knight's return unleashes ancient binding magic, compelling the Warders to partner with their arch-enemy the Chaotic Order and a mysterious grey-clad healer. Can they work together or will the Necromancer’s armies of undead overwhelm the world?

From The Necrotic Knight...

   “It is time for you to choose. Do you accept my offer of assistance?” the skull asked.
   “I don’t appear to have an alternative,” Yuden said.
   A cackling laugh escaped from the skull. “Of course you have alternatives. You can choose to decline my guidance. Then you may take your chances with the barbarian hordes. Or if you can find it, enter the Shadow Pass, where certain death awaits you.”
   “Those options aren’t particularly attractive.”

   “That is irrelevant. All that is necessary is that you be given a choice and freedom to make it. My presence in this plane grows tenuous. If you want to accept my offer, you must do so now.”
   Yuden looked at the lifeless skull. What did he have to lose? Was listening to a talking skull really any worse than his plan to return to Cadina? His friends were dead, killed by other members of the Shaulan. He didn’t know who to trust. Even with his newly honed skills, what could he hope to accomplish on his own? Did he really expect that he could avenge Zengji’s murder by himself?
   He shook his head. No, there really wasn’t a choice. “I accept your assistance.”

Book 5 - Demon's Debt

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