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A Collection of Short Stories
by Barbara Valletto

 ~ Available in Paperback ~

An attention-riveting journey into the  realms of psychic/supernatural, horror/thriller, and suspense/mystery themes.

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From Night Terrors...

  One moment this small, rural farming community was subjected to frigid temperatures, gale-force winds, and vicious hail and sleet storms.
The next: sweltering heat, raging thunderstorms, and blinding lunar eclipses.
  Still next: earthquakes and tornadoes of such severity that chances of anyone surviving their aftermath were slim.

And then, just as quickly as “It” wreaked its devastating havoc, “It” moved on.
  Just like “It” had in the town preceding it.
  And the one before that.
  And over the days, weeks, and months that we’ve tracked Its course.

  To whoever reads this brief account, don’t be foolish enough to dismiss these bizarre occurrences as freaks of nature.
  In truth, it is something far, far worse.

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