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The Alien's Caretaker
by Sharon Kull



Beverly is taking very good care of the unusual weeds that suddenly appeared in her backyard. She does not know that insect aliens from another planet are growing inside of them. Nor does she know of their intentions to annihilate all humans and take over Earth.

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From Norahs: The Alien's Caretaker...

   "She is struggling to learn," Yendor told his followers. "Given enough time, we will not have to concern ourselves about where our next meal will come from until it is time for us to emerge. Since I am able to read part of her mind, I know that she knows we are aliens to this planet. Yet she is bending over frontwards to help us!"
  nbsp;"You're getting long-winded," Adnelg sniggered, ordering her host to rustle all of its leaves as a sign of impatience. "Exposure to humans is having bad side effects."
   "I am your leader, and see fit to progress. Our ancestors foresaw evolution for Norahs, and so do I," retorted emphatically.
   "But Yendor," Eilrahc began to question, seeing to it that his host shuffled closer, "what makes you think your pet human will continue to help us? She does not know who we really are. If she finds out that we are Norahs instead of weeds, all hell could break loose."

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