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Numerology: Making It Work For You
by Shane Ward

~ Available in Paperback ~

NUMEROLOGY: MAKING IT WORK FOR YOU is designed to help people understand how numbers apply to real people.

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From Numerology: Making It Work for You...

The Life Path is a passage through our current existence where we must learn to master one particular energy vibration. When the energy is ‘balanced’ we have succeeded, although we must continue to maintain it throughout our incarnation. When we stray from the path we lose the balance. Too little, or ‘under balanced’, means we reject our natural potential and as a consequence stand little chance of satisfaction or fulfilment. This is quite common and the world is replete with people who never fulfil their full potential. Too much, or ‘overbalanced’ and the potential can be overbearing. Bigotry, dogmatism, autocracy and arrogance are but a few of the manifested and destructive forces. Too much or too little are both regarded as being negative; they are the promoters of chaos and the apostates of order and balance.

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