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by Nancy S. Mure

Every night, Ruby and her brother Jimmy bless Papa in the sky. Now they want to learn more about their late grandfather. Moreover, why would he be in the sky? An inspiring story about death and heaven.

From Papa in the Sky ...

   “And God bless Papa in the Sky.” I finished my prayers, then snuggled beneath the covers. My brother leaned in to kiss me good-night. My mother kissed me and tucked me in. The wind blew the curtains gently.
   As she reached for the light switch, I asked, “Who is Papa in the sky?”
I call him Papa in the sky because he died before I was born. I see pictures of him around our house. He had a round, friendly face with a wide smile. His eyes smiled and they glistened through his eye glasses.
   “He was your grandfather,” Mom told Jimmy and me. “I have another grandpa?”
   I peeked over at my brother was glee.
   “Yes. Everyone has two grandpas.” Mom sat in the rocking chair. Jimmy and I settled down on my bed.

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