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by Elsan H. Stafford


England’s King George the Third’s popular reign has been frustrated by slave traders and pirates. So he commissions privateer Conrad Huntingdon to rid the seas of the evil blights upon humanity. Travel the high seas with Conrad and experience the swashbuckling highs and lows of a Privateer’s life.

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From The Passionate Swordsman...

As Conrad Huntingdon emerged out through the doorway and onto the main deck, into the full fury of the storm, he paused a moment to view the sea and the heavens, then apostrophizing in poetic verse, addressed the elements as though speaking to a sentient being. “Rage on, oh storm, in your madness, and punish the innocent sea! As the storm in my heart gives me sadness for a love that wasn’t to be. Let me then of my sorrow be free: Give your calm of the morrow to me!” His voice gave no evidence of fear.

The wind-lashed spray stung his cheek and the driving gale shrieked about him as he turned with his hand on the railing of the companionway to ascend to his stateroom. His movement was never completed. The ship suddenly sank into a trough of the raging ocean and a gigantic wave swept completely over the vessel, tearing away any loose gear and shattering the windows from the pilot’s cabin. A moment later, the ship rose on a swell, but the deck was deserted. Some fifty yards out in the water, to the lee side of the vessel, a human body thrashed about in the boiling sea; and the ship slipped noiselessly along through the storm and the night. The elements had given their answer!

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