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by Dave Hinrichs

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Joe Kennedy wanted to ensure his son, Jack, would win the presidency, and he was not shy about asking his mafia connections for help. Now his son is sitting in the White House, but the president-elect and his brother, the attorney general, show their gratitude by turning on the Mob with a vengeance. Something has to be done about those Kennedy boys…and soon.

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From Patsy...

He needed to catch his breath; he needed someplace dark where he could sit and think. He had just killed a cop. You got the electric chair in Texas for killing a cop. The cop might have been on the syndicate payroll--maybe he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, but he was dead. Now every guy with a badge in Dallas was looking for the guy who shot the president and killed a cop. Oswald had wanted to make his mark and now he had. It was an indelible mark that had seared his soul. He had passed through the hour of the apocalypse that few other mortals have known and come out on the other side, and now a peculiar peace had descended upon him. He was accepting now of whatever was to come and whoever would bring it because he saw where it led. He had been granted the spark of prescience given to those few who have suffered like the gods.

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