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2nd Edition
by Elena Iglesias
Illustrations by Noelvis Diaz

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THE PHILOSOPHY OF MY WANDERING CAT is a collection of  short stories for readers to reflect on and see how they can be instructive in their own lives. Her philosophical fables help shed light on a path to enlightenment. 


From The Philosophy of My Wandering Cat...

   "Manchita, how do you explain friendship?"
   “Why are you asking such a foolish question, Evaluz? Friendship is to be experienced, not explained. It is born from empathy and grows with loyalty. That’s all there is to it.”
   “People who know us think that we have a weird relationship.”
   “People who know us really don’t know us.”
   “And what should I tell them?”
   “Nothing. As long as they cut life into pieces and hide its parts in thousands of different boxes, they are not going to understand anything.”
   “Maybe they are a bit jealous.”
   “It could be; but don’t pay too much attention to that.”
   “Why do I feel so comfortable sharing my thoughts with only you?”


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