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by Shane Ward


Unlike any book ever written about the Tarot, this book  sweeps aside the myths and the mysteries to reveal how the meaning of all 78 cards of this ancient philosophy applies to the people of today.

From The Philosophy of the Tarot...

   People who live by the philosophy of the Tarot do not hate or despise those who scoff and scorn with malice and blind ignorance. To do so would be negative and unproductive. They are taught to send love, even to those who hate them, because the spiritual evolution of the entire human race will only progress as fast as the slowest developing soul.
   The Tarot is sometimes called ‘The Book of Life,’ because within its principles and representations you will find every possible experience in life, both the pleasant and the unpleasant. Many of these experiences are discussed in this book. The 22 cards known as the Major Arcana contain the main principles that are necessary to learn from life's experiences and grow in spirit.
   Understanding these principles will help to accelerate spiritual growth and promote mental, emotional and physical benefits by emphasizing the positive qualities we need to survive and grow in this harsh and unforgiving learning environment that we call life.

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