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by Leonard Walker

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The DNA of history’s giants rests quietly in graves all over the world. A revolution in technology can now awaken them. When science can raise the dead, who will return?

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From The Phoenix Protocol...

  The enormous moon floating overhead lent its radiance Kelly’s face. He’d never seen an angel up close before. Tingles raced through him, and Kyle felt more than alive being next to her.
  The conversation danced through every topic imaginable, each of them hanging on every word the other spoke. Without realizing, he’d opened up about the scars on his soul. Sharing them with her, the pain faded with each word, and the weight of those memories lifted. On some level, being with her felt like a rebirth, a renewal of his life before there was war or pain or the stench of senseless death. He realized the deepest parts of him had been laid bare, and the touch of her hand healed something broken inside him.
  He leaned forward and caressed her lips with his own. She responded and met his kiss. For a moment the world, the restless sea, and the brilliant moon overhead vanished into obscurity.

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