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by Nancy S. Mure
Illustrated by Amy E. Chace

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Hillary is a chameleon who lives in the rain forest. She is pink. The other lizards reject her because of her color. The Pink Lizard is an inspiring story about accepting others based on merit. Its theme teaches that as different as we all may be, we are very much
the same.

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From The Pink Lizard...

Through an umbrella of dark green leaves, only a spot of blue sky peeked through the trees. Yellow buds grew on the braches and there was the melody of insects and birds in the distance. The far off sound of gorillas and jaguars could be heard. This was the rainforest and the home of a lonely lizard named Hillary.

Hillary had leathery skin, much like a snake, with four short legs and three toes on each. She had a long pointy tail, a blue tongue and little holes for ears. She was pink.

Hillary loved to climb up to the highest branch and sun herself. She watched the other lizards and never saw one like herself. She wondered why and set out to make some friends.

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