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A Carolina Cousins Mystery - Book 2
by Rhonda Edwards

 ~ Available in Paperback ~

The Carolina Cousins are back at Pawleys Island… this time as volunteers with the DNR’s turtle rescue program, where they dive in to solve the mystery of who’s robbing of these protected animals.

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From Pirates at Pawleys...

   “Wow! If there are 80 hatchlings in each nest, that will make 720 new babies from Huntington Beach State Park and another 640 from Pawleys,” Cally replied.
   “Remember that not all of the eggs hatch, Cally,” said Katie. “Don’t forget about predators. Foxes, crabs and raccoons sometimes find these loggerhead nests. They love eating these treats.”
   “We also have to take into account the poaching that has been going on in the area as well. Poachers find the nests, take the eggs and sell them on the black market. There is money to be made in this thievery,” replied Grandma Pru.  
   “What do you mean by Black Market?” questioned Eric.

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