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by Nancy S. Mure
Illustrated by Tom Torre


Mr. Martinelli, a good-natured pizza man, is amazed to see twelve green parrots on the electrical wires outside of his pizzeria in January. He feeds the birds a scattering of breadcrumbs, but  the parrots snub his offerings: they want 
rice balls!

From The Pizza Man & the Parrots...

   Bare trees and a cloudy sky meant one thing in New York: snow. Above the attached houses and garden apartments of Brooklyn, Mr. Martinelli, a local pizza man, looked up and saw a green parrot perched on an electrical wire. And then he saw another and another. At the very top of the pole, Mr. Martinelli saw an enormous nest built near a utility box where another six or seven parrots rested.
   On this cold winter afternoon, Mr. Martinelli counted a dozen parrots – tropical birds – living in Brooklyn! Amazed, he watched them perched on the electrical wire as he passed the restaurants and cafes on Atlantic Avenue. He listened to their unfamiliar sound as he walked to his pizza store: “GLAK! GLAK! GLAK!”
   Perhaps they are hungry, Mr. Martinelli thought as they watched him open his pizzeria for lunch.

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