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A Love Story

by J Michael Donovan

 ~ Available in Paperback ~


Go behind the altar to experience dire  moments of relational turbulence, deep desires, and true love, as two very  different personalities battle to become one.

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From Priest...

   Grace felt tears of empathy begin to wet her cheeks while a knot of pain grew in her chest. She could not speak, even to acknowledge him. She could do no more than stare at his pain- ravaged face. She wished desperately for the strength to tell him that she did indeed understand – more than he might ever know.
   Instinctively, she rose and tenderly drew Sal to her. She kissed him lightly on his wet cheek to comfort him, like a child who had skinned a knee. Thus embraced, they looked like a gay, sparkling, red and green Christmas ornament.
They remained still, clutching each other, for moments that seemed like hours. 
   Finally, in time with the music, they began to move together, embracing the whispered rhythms of a Jackie Gleason ensemble. Unsteadily at first, then smooth and soft in a silent, benign sort of intercourse.

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