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by Harvey Mendez


It is 1928 in Communist Bulgaria. Helpless to save his innocenet brother from execution by a Secret Police firing squad, Traiko Ivanoff uses a hidden taxicab in a last ditch ploy to save himself and his family from a
similar fate...

From Red Earth...

A detail of Bulgarian militia with rifles lined up at attention. Facing them, a beaten and drained man braced himself. Nearby, soldiers in a canvas-covered truck trained two machine guns on witnesses from the town. They stood in the dirt staring at the prisoner. Their faces twisted in anguish.

Captain Georgi Lukanov, Commandant of the Secret Police, barked orders to the firing squad. They raised their rifles to the ready.

“...Aim!” Lukanov watched his tight-lipped prisoner’s glassy eyes stare at the ten rifle barrels. “Fire!”

Korle Ivanoff jerked backward as the bullets tore into him. Blood spurted onto the earth beneath him. The citizens watching groaned, pushed toward the firing squad. The cocking of the machine guns halted everyone’s forward motion.

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