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by Harvey Mendez

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Five years after Al Madison is killed, Sheriff Duke zeroes in on the town’s killers until Mad King Ludwig, Rolf Wolf and his long-time lover 
Viktoriya finally clash.

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From Return to Cherokee...

   Debbie Davis finished her dinner early that evening. The full moon just starting to rise shone through her kitchen window above the sink. She rinsed the dishes and set them in the sink. When she turned and faced the larger window on the other side of the room, a man’s outline ducked behind the frame. She blinked, moved closer to the window, and peered outside. Nothing. Musta been her imagination. She backed away and walked into the living room. Picking up the book she had been reading, she sat in a chair near the front window. Moonlight shone in and she settled back in the chair.
   After a few minutes of relaxing reading, Debbie felt a nervous twitch on her left cheek. What’s that? Her cheek continued its dance. Something’s wrong. She rubbed her right hand against her cheek, but the sensation did not stop. The book fell off her lap onto the floor. She snapped back; her head shot up and she stared at the window. A pair of bulging eyes stared back at her, then disappeared. “Oh, my God!”

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