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Crimson Pursuit - Book 1
by James S. Hoch


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For nearly a century, Reveka Tomescu  consumed the life-force of her victims as an astral vampire. Then she transfers her spirit into her last victim, returning to corporeal form as a flesh and blood master vampire! Now she’s being hunted by Seattle police as well as one of the deadliest of hunters – another vampire.

From Reveka's Return...

   The first scream was loud and piercing, the reverberations slicing through the darkness of the alley. The shopper turned suddenly toward the direction of the blood-curdling sound. She quickened her pace and tightened the grip on her bags. The second scream emanated an especially gruesome resonance. The shopper abruptly stopped to listen as she pulled out her cell phone. Before placing a call, she tilted her head as if to beg for more. The horrific scream sounded as though someone was fighting for their life as they gargled violently. The screams slowly dissolved; all the while with a soggy, wet sound that stuck in the shopper’s mind.
   The sudden silence pierced her frozen state, and she quickly dialed 911. As soon as the dispatcher answered, the woman frantically reported, “I am at the 300 block of Franklin. There has been a horrible crime in the alley across from me. Please send someone immediately. I think…”

Book 2 - Reveka's Revenge

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