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Crimson Pursuit - Book 2
by James S. Hoch


ebook, ebooks, vampires

Reveka's new life has taken a turn for the worse. Nearly everyone close to her is dead. She is still being hunted because of what she knows of the astral vampire world, and a deadly captor demands to have the secret of transference! Reveka reaches out for help to the only mortal left she can trust – Seattle detective, Frank Norris.

From Reveka's Revenge...

   Reveka stood up and walked over to Edgar. She put her hand on his shoulder and said, “I need you to…” Suddenly, the lights went out.
   “Damn, they’re here. I had hoped I would have had more time,” Reveka said as she raced to the door. Edgar followed her.
   “Let me go first,” Edgar whispered excitedly. “I’ll try to attract them away from you so you can get out the back door.” He took off running down the hall.
   “I’m certain all the exits are being covered,” she whispered.
   Reveka moved quietly down the hall. She sensed that several vampires had taken control of the estate. Hell, he’s sent a small army to get me, she thought to herself.

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