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Incursion of Shadows
by Lee Bumbicka



When writer Michael Schatten  finds out that an antique typewriter he just purchased turns every story he writes into reality, he realizes that another typewriter like his is in the hands of a Russian terrorist seeking world domination. Now he has just one week to sabotage the Russian’s story before it becomes reality and destroys the world!

From Revisionist Future...

  As he approached the house, he felt relieved that the typewriter would soon be back at the old shop where it belonged.
  Suddenly his train of thought was shattered by the roar of engines as a black silhouette appeared in the sky just overhead and streaked by at tree-top level. As it passed, he noticed that it had twin engines, a split tail and the distinctive lone gun turret with four machineguns atop the center fuselage. It was a vintage P-61 World War II night fighter, dubbed the Black Widow, a prize by any collector’s standard. He’d never seen one operate before and it was exhilarating.
  Then a horrible thought crossed his mind… what about the other things that he had written? As if awakened from a drunken stupor, he suddenly realized the potential chaos he had wrought in the guises of Vikings, pirates and dinosaurs! How could he sleep knowing that he or someone else might wake to a Viking or pirate blade at his throat or as the meal to an Allosaurus?

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