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One Man's Fight Against an Unjust System

by Terry Amos & Nihar Suthar

~ Available in Paperback ~

Terry Amos spent more than 17 years in jail after being falsely accused of rape. Follow his gut-wrenching story behind the scenes of the most dangerous prisons in America, all while he explores the rules of the game on socially unacceptable topics like rape, racism, and violence, but also inspiring subjects like friendship and truth.

From Rules of the Game...

There was one day toward the end of my time at Pelican Bay where I felt like I figured it all out. I was on the yard, working out, pumping iron, and jamming to some music. My favorite song, “Oye Como Va,” by Carlos Santana abruptly came on. I got goosebumps up my arms. Both life and God were good.

As I walked on the yard, I could feel the rays of respect that I had earned from all the inmates around me. They felt as warm as the rays of the sun on one of those rare, bright days we got up North at Pelican Bay. I envisioned myself as a gladiator, emerging from the long battle in the dungeons of prison. If I could evade a hit on my life from the Aryan Brotherhood, the wrath of the guards with intimidating rifles, and the intense violence of my fellow inmates, then I could survive anywhere. I had given three tough years of my life to Pelican Bay, but it came with a satisfying reward. I had arrived.

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