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Teadai Prophecies - Book 2
Sage Truth
by Dana Davis

~ Available in Paperback ~

Enemies seem to be growing with every sunrise, and when the Gypsy kin are captured by an elusive enemy, they fear they will die. There is hope, though, as they gather allies from unexpected places. But can they survive long enough to live out the Prophecies?

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From Sage Truth...

   The ledge dropped sharply into the canyon below as the full moon rose above the cliffs and created shadows against the landscape. Adelsik wedged her otherself between a boulder and a massive tree to keep from falling, her back pressed against wet dirt. Rancid smells from nearby putrid root plants caused her to gag, so she envisioned a scarf, and when it appeared, carefully tied it around her nose and mouth. If that didn’t keep her stomach under control, she would secure yet another across her face. It worked and the smell no longer made her gut heave. Distant howls filled the stagnant night air and she shivered. More illusions to frighten her, make her submit.
   This isn’t real. It’s just the Netherworld. I’m slumbering.
   The ground gave a sudden shake and she lost her footing. One hand managed to grip a large branch that cut into her otherself’s skin, and she struggled to keep from plunging into the canyon below. She still harnessed the Energy from previous attempts at changing this nightmare the stranger had created and put all her fear and strength into altering the landscape once again.

Book 3 - City of Gods

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