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by Kathryn Bashaar

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In 4th-century North Africa, peasant girl Leona falls in love with a Roman aristocrat – the future Saint Augustine. Their story unfolds against the backdrop of Rome’s fall and Christianity’s rise. Drawn from Augustine’s autobiography, THE SAINT'S MISTRESS breathes life into the previously untold story of his beloved mistress.

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From The Saint's Mistress...

  I sat and dipped my injured foot into the basin, wincing as I began to clean the damaged toe.
Aurelius knelt. “Here, let me.”
  I stared at him as if he were mad: a man of the aristocratic class offering to wash the feet of a peasant girl? But I was too tired to object. Now that I was safe, I was trembling from the terror and exhaustion.
   I watched mesmerized as he took my small foot in his hands and wiped it with the soft cloth. He was awkward, but careful, gentle and surprisingly thorough. He rubbed one spot at a time, in little circles, until my foot was warmed by a tingling feeling that began to travel up my leg.
  “You know, in the Christian Bible, it says that Christ did this: washed his disciples’ feet,” he said, watching his own hands at work.     Everything was a lesson with him, always.
  I didn’t respond. He was washing my ankle now, his strong hands circling it and moving up and down from my calf to my heel. I shivered, although the room was warm.

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