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Saturday Night Cowboy
by Sharon Kull


A barmaid named Cathi has fewer problems raising her daughter alone than she does contending with a  neighbor's premonitions. She was told of a dark shadow in her near future. Only time will tell if it is her brother or the new man in her life.

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From Saturday Night Cowboy...

JEFF'S MOUTH GAPED open, then snapped shut. By her actions, the very pretty woman he'd been looking at fit into his 'avoid them at any cost' category. Not that it mattered; he was here to see about a job, not to pick up a honey.

Smiling inwardly, he couldn't remember when he'd last picked up a honey. Time had a way of passing quickly since he'd become a single parent. But Lordy, if he had been hunting for a roll in the hay, this intoxicating creature would've found herself propositioned! Or at least she would have if her personality hadn't ranked right there with Tiger Lady, the nastiest tempered female wrestler in the Federation.

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