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Confessions of an American Street Musician in Europe
by Daniel Gordon


A first-hand perspective of the life of a street musician as he and his friend travel through Europe with only a  saxophone to their name.

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From Sax on the Streets...

   “Your first conflict with the police?” the man asked.
   “Our first major one. We’ve had hassles before, but have never been fined, or thrown in jail, for chrissake,” Gary grumbled.
   “I gather you’ve had your share of problems with the cops, too,” I said.
   “Too many to even remember. You’ve just got to look at it as part of the profession.”
   “Sounds like you’ve been busking for a while,” we said.
   “Not as much as I used to do. I did it full time for four years some time back, but I’ve only busked summers for the last twelve.”

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