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by Cynthia MacGregor


"Yes" to changes and "No" to crises as you embrace the possibilities that this stage of your life offers for some real life-affirming changes.

From Say "NO" to Mid-Life Crisis...

   I hardly need to list here the various reasons why we resent the years piling up; suffice it to say that most of us do. And for some, the realization that we’ve hit middle age sends us into a positive tailspin.
   We’re far from old.  We’re not yet suffering most of the physical problems seniority brings, either. We’ve merely hit the third phase of our lives – the four phases being childhood, young adulthood, mid-life, and seniority. And yet the realization that we’ve hit that point impacts some of us like a blow to the solar plexus. Or the psyche.
   What is “middle age”? Everyone has her or his own idea of what delineates that phase of life. The reality is, it doesn’t really matter. If, at thirty-five, you feel you’ve hit the midpoint of your life and are no longer “young,” you’re middle-aged in your own mind, and that’s all that really counts. If, at fifty-four, you feel you’ve yet to hit true middle-age, you’re right, too… for you.

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