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An Oberon Novella
by P.G. Forte


Love alone was not enough to help Cara and Liam overcome the trauma in her past.  Now it's time for the pair to get creative…

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From Sea Change...

   Cara had been a brainwashed member-in- good-standing of the phony, New-Age, pseudo-religious cult he’d gone undercover to infiltrate, when Liam first set eyes on her. At the time, she’d seemed perfectly happy in her role as girlfriend to the cult’s sadistic leader, Gregg. It had taken Liam a little too long to realize she’d been lying then, too. 
   He’d often thought that if he and Cara could have somehow gotten together then, right at the start, maybe things would have turned out differently. 
   But no. It was only months later, after she’d been brutalized – beaten, raped, almost killed – that they’d finally confessed their feelings for each other. But maybe by then it was too late. Although her physical wounds were mostly healed now, the psychological scars were another matter entirely. Those, it seemed, might never go away.

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