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A Ranger Loses His Way
by Steven Fisher


An elite U.S. Army Ranger thrust 600 years into the future, Fragger Sparks is back in action!  Join Fragger as he battles dissension within the ranks, a  rogue scientist with a genetically-modified army at his command, treacherous envoys, and the most dangerous enemy of all… himself.

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From The Second Misadventure of Fragger Sparks...

   “Iso, here’s a cold, hard fact. We need the truth to get out more than we need more weapons. EarthCorp, the Ricers, everyone will always outgun us. Maybe we can outgun them with the truth. It’s the one edge we’re lacking.”
   “Soldiers don’t talk, they fight, colonel.”
   “Leaders do both,” Fragger countered. “But enough talk about vidmen. We’ll let Wenghorn and Wik stew for a while and decide later whether to contact them. Continue monitoring their communications. Right now, commlink the doctor and Buurk and get them here so I can get out of this place. It’s about time you do something useful for a change besides harassing your commander.”

Book 3 - The Third Misadventure of Fragger Sparks

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