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A Carolina Cousin's Mystery
by Rhonda S. Edwards

 ~ Available in Paperback ~


Three cousins find a secret hidden deep in the walls of Atalaya, the summer home of Anna and Archer Huntington.

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From The Secret of Atalaya...

   As the slide show continued, the segment the cousins wanted them to see came into view. Allowing the slide show to move at its original pace, silence filled the room. No one spoke; no one moved; it was as if no one breathed.
   “This is certainly interesting. None of the other pictures are like this, are they?” questioned Savannah. “There is definitely something eerie going on in this room.”
   “Amazing,” was all that Winni could say.
   “You guys are being contacted by a spirit,” responded grandma Pru. “This apparition has chosen you for some reason. This spirit has a message to give you.”
   The cousins turned to look at grandma Pru. They were impressed with her intuitive response. Pru believed that spirits were present and that if they had left something unresolved in this life, they would return in order to seek help resolving it. They could not rest until this was done. “You have to find out what is in this room so that you can solve this mystery. There are answers waiting to be found,” grandma Pru said.

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